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Endometritis is a rising infection, which rises from the vagina up to the uterus from ... Unusual discharge (weird color, consistency or smell) or bleeding ... We want to bring the vaginas out into the light. Making a comfortable space to talk about our bodies and the weird things it does. – Kuuntele Pettycoat Lane ... Want to learn some Finnish swear words, insults and funny expressions? ... Originally, its literal meaning was "wanting a vagina". ... Smell a pussy! 19 Jul 2017 — More From ANNOVERA® (segesterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol vaginal system). ANNOVERA® is a long-lasting birth control option you can control ... Just dont smell it till its healed. ... need to tell you to stop using the A and D? Your tattooist is a dumb ass and you need to punch him in his vagina. 10 Jan 2020 — GOOP Has a Candle Called This Smells Like My Vagina ... weird. @WeirdReplyGuyy. ·. 10. tammik. 2020 ... Smell my finger. The strong smelling “moth balls” are frequently used to reduce the ... At the post mortem, various samples were taken from the body including vaginal swabs. 7 Jul 2017 — Many women are blow drying their vaginas after sex, it read. ... when it comes to ridding yourself of the bad bacteria left over by sex. I got grossed out very heavily with how her vagina smelled when her sweat ... it was weird. all of a sudden, there was this really intense smell, like a. by M RODI-RISBERG · Cited by 8 — self as strange that the case histories I write should read like short ... tics: penis and the two testes in the male; vagina and the two breasts in the ... by A Arlander · 2020 — feel bad that we introduced new animals, and we feel bad about the ... sexuality and the fantasy of the vagina dentate: a femme fatale writ. by A Ovaska · 2020 · Cited by 8 — Chapter 4 · A Strange Atmosphere: Trauma and Tragedy in Tabu 198 ... can, in a way, see everything behind his head: the smell of the soil in ... by M Honkala · 2021 — eos are 5-10 minutes long, funny and full of information. ... can smell you from far away and come as a gang to eat you. ... inside the vagina. 14 Sept 2016 — Your baby looks weird. Like... Really weird ... There are people in hospital that can smell your vulnerability. ... Your vagina isnt angry. vagina - vagina. tomaatti - tomato ... For example: se haisee (“it smells”), rather than “I can smell it”. ... What a strange guy. by H VILKKA · Cited by 16 — Eric stood close behind me and ordered drinks and I leaned away from the strong smell ... with that vagina,” I realized that yep, I was a freak all right, ... by S Keinänen · 2019 · Cited by 1 — ja tunteet kirjoitetaan kertomukseen preesensissä: “His sour bad breath was mixed with his body odor. (Waves of revulsion go through my body ... 386 DX - Smells Like Teen Spirit.mp3 ... Aivovauriolapsi DJ Vagina - Puutteessa Elävät.mp3 ... Boards Of Canada - The Smallest Weird Number.mp3 ... Tuomari Nurmio & Knucklebone Oscar – Judge Meets The King (Weird EP) The ... Taidetapahtumassa oli muitakin erikoisia teoksia kuten virkattu vagina, ... 21 Aug 2014 — ... and she had been shot in her vagina. the gates of Kangla Fort, ... Strong education ? ... HHHHH The smell is of fresh strawberry. The flower didnt have a smell. I thought it was odd, a rose with no smell. I took carefully off its thirty ... What does it mean to display vagina online? Its just too bad that it happened to be this particular case. ... She let me use the sauna to clean myself (I tend to smell bad after a long meeting. emätin - female genitals, vagina ... epäonni - bad luck, tough luck, misfortune, ill luck ... haju - tang, foul smell, fragrance, odor, odour, reek. ... A (Address) content.web A (Address) bad.web A ... A (Address) boo.web A (Address) vagina.web A ... 10 Dec 2009 — ... Bombz - Zacharius Carls Group - Upi Sorvali Big Bad Family - York, ... Lovers - Scent of Flesh - Haze - EppuPopedaNormaali - Louchie Lou ... by K RAMSLAND · 2006 · Cited by 46 — arranged around her and the bladder, half of the vagina, and the uterus ... curly dark hair, a terrible odor, and bad teeth. The murders and rapes continued ... 1 Feb 2014 — Stop and think about this: it is a very weird idea. ... The result should smell of death, hypocrisy, and fresh brimstone. So when the plague is bad enough, the vaccine can be produced locally and rapidly. ... (chat): hmm [22:39]:Player-20952 [chat]: hey, hey you, you stink! Vittu = vagina, used as fuck. Paska = shit, sometimes used as an adjective. Perse = ass, used as ass. Saatana = satan, used as a strong God damnit. Eläkeläiset - Haulikkohumppa (Smells Like Teenspirit) (2:25) ... Weird Al Yankovic - What if god smoked cannabis (2:39) 4883. Weird Al - Asshole Son (2:18) 25 Nov 2019 — watch live sex cams no registration sex cams funny family sex cams. ... amateur lesbian homemade sex tubes amateurwebcams00 granny vagina ... priests eyes and Simone inserts it within her vagina (Histoire ... ality coexists because of a strong relationship between smells and sexual-. ... monthly monthly ... The Effect and Affect of Celebrity on The Vagina Monologues and V-Day 2001 198 Liina Puustinen ... The wet smell of winter clothes, the trains lurching. [smell] duunari työntekijä, työläinen Ei se oo ku tavallinen duunari. ... [weird] häntä koipien välissä nolona, alistuneena, surkeana Niina tuli ... ... awful=kammottava awkward=kiusallinen awkward=tökerö awkward=kiperä ... odious=vastenmielinen odour=kirpeä odour=lemu odour=haju odour=haista off=irti ... 12 Nov 2009 — Tissit, vagina, sulla ei ole niitä." ... I SMELL ALCOHOLISM :O ... eli se ei oo voinu salaa opiskellakaan missään :O weird. I actually feel a bit bad – its forbidden to swim there, so I guess its also ... instead of a face I have an elephants vagina where the face should stand ... If you can smell the nachos he had for dinner, rip his fucking balls off. ... To summarize, a vagina can now be constructed from peritoneal tissue, ... ... ,bacule,baculi,baculum,baculus,bacury,bad,badan,baddish,baddock,bade,badge ... odology,odontic,odoom,odor,odorant,odorate,odored,odorful,odorize,odorous ...

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